26 octubre, 2015

Angular RamDisk Freeware Forever English

Angular RamDisk is a revolutionary disk optimize tool, you can use Angular RamDisk to create a virtual drive by using computer's own RAM, the created virtual hard disk can be recognized by Windows OS as actual physical hard disks.

It can be formatted as Windows supported file system, and allow user to customize it according to their needs. You can store files and program even computer game into this memory-made drive, in this way, the database compile times will be greatly reduced.

Thus speed up file/document/program/game loading and other disk-to-disk activities. You can set the RAMDisk to disappear after system reboot, or you can customize it as a persistent storage to temporarily store your file and program. 
Using Angular RamDisk properly not only could improve your working & entertainment experience but also prolong your hard drive span.
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